Bali Villas

Owners of Karma Bear NFT will have membership access and pricing to our Network of Villas that we are building in Beautiful Bali! In the future, you'll be able to spend our currency ($WISDM) for surf rentals, paddleboards, yoga classes etc. Genesis NFT holders will also be privy to profit sharing from our Villa Rental Program.

The Art

One Bear, Multiple Lives. A sentient consciousness, known as the all-bear, places itself into the 3D experience to expand its consciousness... reaching enlightenment in each life.

Karma Revelations

Karma Revelations is a Play2Earn incremental game. Earn additional $WISDM by sending your character NFTs on pilgrimages and unlocking Karma Relic NFTs!


$WISDM is the currency of the project. You can generate $WISDM by simply holding an Karma Character NFT. If that's not enough, you can enhance your earning abilities by equipping Karma Relic NFTs and going on pilgrimages. $WISDM will be redeemable for IRL perks at our Network of Villas and preferred partners. Don't forget you can also swap $WISDM for ETH as a passive income option.


Pre-Sale Cost
Public Cost



Releaseing Karma Bear NFTs

• Initial 444 Karma Monk NFTs with limited edition monk robes will be released!
• 2000 Karma Bear NFTs Launched at Pre-Sale Price for our WHITE LIST MEMBERS
• Remaining 2000 Karma Bear NFTs Launched for Public Sale

$WISDM Token Implementation

• NFTs start generating $WISDM Token
• Tokens to be used for Breeding and Future IRL uses

LFG! Finalizing Plans for the First Villas

• Final Due Diligence and Land Purchase
• Architectural Design and Drawings
• Road Construction

Manifesting Villas into Reality

• Breaking Ground, Foundations, Footings and Slab.
• Interiors Forms and Finishings.
• Pool Construction and Landscaping.
• Holders will have membership access and pricing to our Villlas in Beautiful Bali!
• "Free-Night-Stay" opportunities will be available.

Launch Karma Disciples (GEN2 NFT)

• First release of Karma Disciples, Available for ETH purchase before breeding
• Shortly after, Breeding portal will be online, open breeding functionality to token holders

Continue Building Villa Network

• Funds from disciples and starting Villa will fund the expanding network of Villas in Bali.

Karma Retreat

• Breaking ground on our state-of-the-art resort, Karma Retreat.
• Condo Rentals and Clubhouse available at Retreat. 
• Purchase of Surf Rentals, Paddleboards, Kayaking, Jet Skis, Yoga Classes and more made available with $WISDM token.
• IRL Live Events and Hang Outs with Karma Bear Community, DJ Shows, and much more!

Karma Revelations

• Release of Incremental Game
• Earn more $WISDM by discovering Karma Relic NFTs by unlocking $WISDM chests on pilgrimages. 
• Earn perks at Karma Retreat from game (Free Surf Lessons, Yoga Sessions, Excursions etc.)


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Get started on your journey with Karma Bear! Explore, Earn $WISDM, and live the tropical life YOU deserve.

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